I lust after Apple but love Linux!

Tax season’s nearly here, dealing me a triple dose of woe: 1) Calculating my taxes; 2) Paying my taxes; and, 3) Powering on my very dusty Windows laptop (once I find it).

For the past few years, I’ve done all my work on Linux machines. I practically live on my Linux laptop and love using all the free applications the open source community has written for Linux.

But there’s ONE thing I can’t find for Linux: TurboTax or something roughly equivalent. As soon as I find a moderately acceptable replacement that runs on Linux, I’ll never touch my old Windows laptop again. Correction: I’ll reformat the hard drive with Ubuntu (my favorite Linux distribution), and it will run all my favorite apps twice as fast as their proprietary, commercial equivalents running on that bloated proprietary OS known as Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP, Vista 7. Just typing that reminds me how much I hate Windows.

Last tax season, I wasn’t even able to install TurboTax till I patched all the security holes by installing service pack 2 (SP2), a grueling process that involves lots of waiting and praying that everything succeeds and wondering what the heck is going on under the covers of “my” machine. With Linux, I either KNOW what it’s doing, or I know I can find out.

Anyhow, I started this post after reading this delicious comment on a Slashdot thread discussing how “locked down” Apple’s operating systems have become, so drastically different from early Apple machines that let “hackers” hack on them:

Ironic that this company once ran an ad based on Orwell’s 1984 where Apple decries totalitarian control.

I fixed the problem on my Mac-mini: I installed Linux on it.

Another poster notes “The sadly amusing thing about the ‘1984’ commercial is how much the setting resembles a Steve Jobs presentation.”

As sexy as Apple’s hardware and software is, and as much as I drool over it every time I walk through an Apple store, I’m immensely happy with my boring, open Linux machine and will never get locked into another proprietary operating system after being abused by Microsoft for so many years.

Posted by James on Friday, February 05, 2010