The $177 bagel

Stalled in traffic in 2004, our real estate agent commented they had been “repairing” this stretch of I-95 for years and that he had no idea what they were trying to accomplish. That was my first personal exposure to Corrupticut. But, as bad as things can be here, our neighbors in New York and New Jersey face worse:

Our question for today is, who has the most awful political culture, Illinois or New York?

Already, I have offended many, many readers who believe their state is being unfairly overlooked. I see you waving your hands, New Jersey.

Excuse me. I was just distracted by the new 66-page federal indictment of Larry Seabrook, a New York City councilman who, along with multitudinous other charges, is accused of altering a receipt from a deli so he could get a $177 reimbursement for a bagel and diet soda.

Posted by James on Thursday, February 11, 2010