Trilingual... bilingual... ignorant American

Many Tea Partiers really are as ignorant and bigoted as they appear on television:

I was shopping with my friend, and her tea party niece. Actually we kind of got stuck with her.

There were some people in Meijers who appeared to be Mexican. They were not bothering any one or being disruptive. They were just talking to one another.

The tea party queen said “if they want to speak Spanish, they should go back to Spain!” After we got back to the car we tried to explain all that was wrong with her statement, but she was oblivious.

That is the kind of ignorance we are up against.

Every school in America should teach Spanish and English er… American. Exposure to a second language (and its associated culture) is mind-stretching and xenophobia-reducing. I feel sorry for anyone who feels threatened by Spanish speakers. Their closed minds must feel so cramped and dark.

Posted by James on Tuesday, October 05, 2010