For healthy life, walk, walk, walk!

I just emailed this to my parents:

PLEASE walk daily. Go with the dogs. Go with the neighbors. Go with the grandkids. Go by yourself/selves. But get out there every day, please!

Jane Brody writes:

Lifestyle choices made in midlife can have a major impact on your functional ability late in life, [Dr. Mark Lachs, director of geriatrics at the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System] emphasized. If you begin a daily walking program at age 45, he said, you could delay immobility to 90 and beyond. If you become a couch potato at 45 and remain so, immobility can encroach as early as 60.

“It’s not like we’re prescribing chemotherapy — it’s walking,” Dr. Lachs said. “Even the smallest interventions can produce substantial benefits” and “significantly delay your date with disability.”

“It’s never too late for a course correction,” he said.

Posted by James on Wednesday, October 27, 2010