Major updates to my HtmlsToPdf gem

I was shocked to discover this week that my “htmls_to_pdf” Ruby gem had been downloaded 300 times. I released it just to practice releasing a ruby gem. I hadn’t expected anyone to find/use it.

Since it has been downloaded so many times, I figure others share my interest in wrapping multiple HTML pages into a single PDF file.

So I made some improvements this week (and fixed a bug that broke some of my sample code — caused by me changing the public interface… for shame!) and began adding tests. I also added more example files for downloading documentation and tutorials for Ruby, RSpec, Rails, Python, Coffeescript, Bash, and Backbone.js.

Since some would prefer to download the PDF files than install and run my gem, I will try placing a subset of the PDFs I’ve created on my website.

Please download once and save the files. Please don’t bookmark and download repeatedly.

Also, this is running on a small server slice, and some of these files are huge, so please be patient.

Posted by James on Thursday, March 29, 2012